About the author:

So this is me: Jackie Taylor aka @WanderlustAndBeyond

I am an Edmonton based travel & adventure enthusiast whos’ wanderlust keeps growing more and more each day!

Here’s my Story:

In September of 2013 at the age of 20 I had my first experience travelling solo in Europe, and ever since then I have fallen head over heels with travelling. Through this platform I am able to share my travel & lifestyle stories with fellow members of the travel community, along with my friends & family at home! Travelling the world has been by far the #1 most life changing thing I’ve ever experienced (so far), and I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing memories and for all of the incredible people I’ve met along this journey. ❤

I chose the name Wanderlust & Beyond because I enjoy sharing my travel & lifestyle stories, and in the new year I look forward to sharing more fun posts such as Travel Inspired DIYS, Destination Guides, Travel Industry Reviews, Video Diaries, and more!

I hope my blog will inspire you to get out and explore the world.. and who knows, maybe you’ll end up starting your own travel blog one day! 😉

I already have numerous upcoming adventures lined up for 2017, so definitely be sure to stay tuned for a new post coming soon…

Want to know what’s next on my itinerary? Find out HERE!!

Happy travels, wherever your journey takes you…

Love Jackie ❤


7 comments on “About the author:

  1. Hey Jackie,
    This is going to seem rather out of the blue as i don’t know you, but i am doing the exact same thing you are, just in the Netherlands. If you ever make it to Amsterdam (which you absolutely have to because it is so gorgeous) i would love to meet up with you! I haven’t seen a Canadian in almost two months and it would be nice to talk to someone from home. Hopefully i hear from you sometime soon 🙂
    Alana Kent


    • Hey Alana! Thanks for the comment 🙂 That’s awesome that you are in the Netherlands, I’ve heard it is amazing there! I definitely would want to visit Amsterdam sometime!! I would of course be interested in meeting up 🙂 Do you have Facebook ?


      • Awesome to hear! And i sure do. Its under my actual name and my profile pic is me with a Oktoberfest beer stein if that helps at all.


  2. Jewal Kylo

    ‘Just loving hearing about your adventures, ‘you should try to get a Candian travel writing assignment for continued European explorations when your assignment finishes, ‘your reporting is fresh & interesting & you’re a great photog! Hi fr currently White Rock, BC (your auntie!)


  3. fromdreamtoplan

    Hi Jackie! Happy to have found your blog! I am a travel lover too so following you will definitely be interesting!
    Looking forward to reading about your adventures! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great blog Jackie. I look forward to following you vicariously on your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

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