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How many countries & continents have I been to?

  • 31 Countries, and 4 Continents! (Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, North America)

Favourite travel memory?

  • One of my favourite memories while travelling would have to be seeing wild dolphins during sunset in Australia- it was so unreal!

When did I first start travelling?

  • My first solo travel experience began in September of 2013. The day I left Canada to move to Europe for a year was the day after I turned 20 years old!

My best travel tip?

  • Invest in a high quality SLR camera, for capturing all of your incredible travel memories!

What does “Wanderlust” mean?

  • It is “a strong desire or urge to travel or wander.”

What is your favourite thing about travelling?

  • Meeting new people & being immersed in a new culture!

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