Below are some helpful websites to consider checking our when planning future travels! I’ve personally used all of these sites several times, and would highly recommend them, especially if you’re travelling on a budget! -Jackie
  1. Skyscanner. When looking for flights, this website shows you the cheapest possible flights to any destination of your choice! Definitely worth checking out!



2. Couchsurfing. With access to a large online network of travellers, this site is perfect for getting travel tips from locals, finding new friends to meet up with, and you can even find hosts to stay with for free!


3. AirBnB. A great option for accommodation, where you can save major $$$, and you usually end up getting a nicer, and larger place to stay! To get $27 CAD off your next stay through AirBnB, click my referral link HERE. 🙂




4. EuroLines. while in Europe, I find that busses are a great way to get around instead of taking expensive trains, especially for day trips! If you book well in advance, you can also save even more money! (Example: for my bus to and from Paris through Eurolines, I only paid 24 Euros RT, which would normally cost 100 or more!)



5. Sandeman’s New Europe. this company offers free walking tours in cities across Europe, one in NYC, and a couple places in the Middle East! (I’ve been on their tours while in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Prague!)


6. Hostel World. This site is perfect for finding the best and most affordable hostels based on your own set of preferences. You can read thousands of reviews from recent guests, and even book your stay through the website directly!



7. Expedia. I’ve used this website numerous times for booking hotels and flights, and have always had positive experiences. They also offer a cool rewards program where you can earn points towards your future hotel stays!