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France and Luxembourg Adventures!

It’s almost been one month already since arriving in Europe, so I decided today that I would write about two recent day trips I went on to Colmar in France, and also to Luxembourg. (Country #22!!!) 🙂

At the time I was staying in Basel (Switzerland) for a few days with my host family, and on May 11th I decided to plan a spontaneous trip for the following day! I checked out several possible destinations through MeinFernBus, and found an awesome route to Colmar, which was only 9 Euros each way! I arrived at 11:30am and had until about 6:00pm, which was the perfect amount of time for me to explore this small and charming French town!

When I arrived at the central station, I first picked up a city map, and made my way towards the old town. The buildings in Colmar are all so colourful and beautiful. There were many times where I felt like I was walking through a storybook! While exploring the city, I also went on a train tour, tried a delicious French crêpe, and went to a local restaurant with really great pizza (although the customer service there was not the best…) But all in all, it was an awesome trip, and this is definitely a place I would recommend people to visit if they ever have the opportunity!


A couple days later after returning back to Cologne, Germany- my friend Agnese and I booked train tickets to go to Luxembourg! The journey from Cologne was only about 3.5hrs each way, and when we got there we met up with two other travellers from, a guy named Peter from The Netherlands, and a girl named Charlotte from Germany. The four of us spent the day wandering through the city, and we had a blast! Some of the things we did was check out the ancient Casemates (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), went to several different shops, tried Luxembourg beer (called Zwickelbeier) at a local pub, visited a few churches and parks, and ended our day having a nice dinner in the city’s main square where we got to watch an entertaining live stage show. 🙂




Since these trips, I’ve actually travelled to quite a few more places, which I will be sure to include in a future post! As for my upcoming travel plans, in just a couple weeks I will be going to Paris, London, and Gdansk (Poland)! In the mean time, I may also go to Brussels in Belgium again ….or maybe somewhere else… I still haven’t decided 😛

***UPDATE! Instead of going to Brussels, I have booked a weekend trip to Budapest, Hungary on June 11-12!! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

Jackie 🙂

7 comments on “France and Luxembourg Adventures!

  1. fromdreamtoplan

    Wow wonderful pics!! It seems you really enjoyed your time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colmar looks incredibly beautiful :))


  3. I love to read your blogs and see your pictures, Jackie. I can understand why you received an award. Keep travelling and keep writing about it. ❤️👏 Grandma


  4. Those buildings in Colmar photograph really well, I just googled where it is for a potential visit. I’m visiting Luxembourg tomorrow so it’s great to read about how you went on and see your photos. I didn’t know the Casemates were a UNESCO site. I’ll try a Zwickelbeier, I’ve never heard of this beer and I’m curious to try.


    • Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy Luxembourg! Also, if you do end up having a chance to visit Colmar, I definitely recommend it!!


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