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Trip to the Thousand Islands!

Last weekend my friend Judith and I decided to go on a day trip to Bidadari Island, an hour-long boat ride from Jakarta! This island is one of the famous “Thousand Islands,” which are all accessible by boat just off the north shore of Java.

When we arrived at the Marina and boarded, we got to sit on the top deck of the boat and had it completely to ourselves… We felt like such VIPs haha! 😛

The view from our boat excursion 🙂

During the day we explored around the island, relaxed in the sun, met many friendly locals, had a very nice seafood buffet lunch, rented bicycles, and also got to go on another mini excursion where we got to visit 3 other nearby islands. On the boat ride back to Jakarta we had a great view of the sunset, and it was so beautiful to see. It was an overall awesome day, and we did it all for a total of 400000 IDR (which is only about $40 CAD)!

Villas on the water..!
Beautiful sunset 🙂

Also yesterday my friend Bella and I met up for breakfast at a French bakery called Paul in Jakarta. We enjoyed chocolate croissants, crepes, and a delicious omelette! After that we went to the mall where I picked up a few things for my trip to Australia on Thursday! I can’t believe how fast time is going by… But thankfully there are still many things to look forward to such as spending all of July in Bali, going to Singapore again, going to Seoul in South Korea, and also a couple other cities in Indonesia. I might try to squeeze another trip in, but since I will be back in Asia in two years, I don’t have to feel rushed about seeing every place still left on my wish list!

At Paul Cafe for Breakfast!


Anyways.. Definitely stay tuned for upcoming posts about Australia really soon… While there I will be visiting Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sydney!

Thanks for reading!
Jackie 🙂

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