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Futuristic City Vibes in Singapore

Hey all. 🙂 Last night I got back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Singapore, a small and futuristic city-state which also is one of the worlds’ top commercial and business hubs! I was definitely impressed on so many different levels, and despite doing a lot of research on the city prior to arriving, my expectations were greatly exceeded!! 😀

This was my favourite photo I took during the trip….. Such an incredible panoramic view of the Gardens by the Bay in Sinapore!

When I arrived at the Changi International Airport, I met with one of the main organizers for Singapore’s Couchsurfing Travel Community named Ummar, and we spent the entire day exploring as much of the city as possible! From entering beautiful and sacred Temples and Mosques, I also was amazed to later see many of the incredible arctectural icons located in the Marina Bay district, which we got to all by bicycle! (I think we biked for a total of 28km within 4 hours in the evening!) It was also really awesome getting to try several authentic cultural food dishes at a local hawker’s market, and a few other popular places downtown. It was also nice because in the evening we went to a couchsurfing picnic event at the Gardens by the Bay, where I met several other travellers and shared many travel tips and stories, and I made some new friends who I will for sure go to visit in the future! 😛 The cherry on top of it all was where I got to stay, which was right in the middle of the downtown core… at a 5 star hotel called the Marina Mandarin!! (..I decided to splurge just this once because I found a really good deal on flights haha).

Loved these Avatar-inspired trees at the Gardens by the Bay!
The Helix Bridge (Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Background)
Singapore’s Famous Merlion Statue! (Half Lion &Half Merman!)

On the second day, I met up with one of my friends named Amos, who I used to work with in Edmonton, who now lives in Singapore! We spent the morning and afternoon at Sentosa Island, a very fun area with many popular tourist attractions such as Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds. We went to a museum called the Trick Eye Museum, which had many awesome photo opportunities which we took full advantage of! 😛 After spending some time relaxing at the beach, we headed back to downtown and went for Bubble Tea (one of my favourite drinks!).

Amos & I at the 3D Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa Island in Singapore!


View from my hotel room at the Marina Mandarin!

In the evening I headed back to the airport.. which by the way is the coolest airport I’ve ever been to in my life! I spent a couple hours enjoying all of the airport amenities such as swimming at the pool located by Terminal 1, seeing the Butterfly Garden, and getting a free foot massage before catching my flight back to Indonesia. I’d easily rate this trip a 10/10. ❤

Thanks so much for reading!

Jackie ❤

7 comments on “Futuristic City Vibes in Singapore

  1. I love your first three photos, the colors are so pretty! A swimming pool and foot massage at the airport, oh wow that sounds amazing, I wouldn’t mind having a long layover there! What exactly is Bubble Tea?


  2. This looks so cool. My friend and her kids did the same thing a few months ago and l’ve wanted to visit since then. This makes me desire that even more so. I love the Avatar looking structures. Singapore is now on my list for sure. Great photos and so glad you enjoyed the experience.


  3. Love your photos! They reminded me of how beautiful Singapore is :). It’s great that you had fun with the people you just met… I’ve been to Singapore many times and I’d love to come back there again in the future.


  4. Hendrik

    Amazing, I heard so many great things about this city. Especially these beautiful gardens are obviously a highlight, as your photos also proof.
    A good friend of mine lives there since two years already now… I really think it is time to visit him now. Your post truly inspires me that Singapore is definitely a must see highlight.


  5. The Soul of Seoul

    That food looks delish. It’s great to be shown around by locals. You definitely get the real flavor of a place. Singapore has been going up and up on my list of places to visit. I’d dig the outdoors parts of your trip.


  6. I have never been to Singapore yet, though I came very closer to my trip to Singapore, but somehow wasn’t able to visit. Heard a lot about this place. By the way great photos included. Loved em.


  7. Prerna_Malhan

    Singapore is high on visit list in 2017. Love 3D Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa Island in Singapore. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post.


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