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A Piece of Germany at Home <3

Last year when I was living in Germany, I discovered the awesome European tradition of going to Christmas Markets or “Weihnachtsmarkts”… and this year I got to experience a similar type of atmosphere right here at home in Vancouver! It was so much fun, and my friend Carmen and I got to enjoy famous Bavarian Bratwurst, and of course, Glühwein! 😀 We also went to a photo booth, and spent some time checking out several booths where I later bought a Köln city magnet (which is the city I lived in when I was in Germany!) ❤


Later in the evening I headed back to the North Shore of the city, and had a lovely evening at work surrounded by magical lights at the Capilano Suspension Bridge! 🙂

Anyways, as of today there are only 14 days left until I leave for Mexico!! So stay tuned for a post about my trip very soon! 🙂 …And on an unrelated note, today I just noticed that my blog has been viewed in exactly 65 countries around the world!!! I was absolutely floored by this, and I just want to thank everyone so much for reading this! 🙂

All the best/ Alles Gute,

Jackie ❤

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