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Top Things to See in Barcelona in One Day!

Ocean view from our hotel room in Spain. Photo Credit: Jan Schatten
Just yesterday, I returned from a trip to Barcelona, located in the colourful and vibrant district of Catalonia with my friends, Aranza & Jan! I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this one… because literally every minute we spent there was so completely mesmerizing. ❤

Here are the Top 4 highlights we saw within 1 day in Barcelona!

1. Park Guell
Designed by the Catalyn architect, Gaudi, this architectural masterpiece is located on a hill in the northern section of Barcelona, which has incredible views of the city below. The distinct and colourful tile mosaic designs also made it even more impressive. I absolutely loved this place, and words can’t even do justice to accurately describe how truly beautiful it was in person.
2. Sagrata Familia
This is a very large and famous Roman Catholic Church, also designed by Gaudi. The style of architecture is really unique, and although it is still under quite a lot of construction, it is still very stunning! We didn’t end up going inside though because the line was way too long, and our time for the day was limited.. but I of course was glad to still get to see it from up close !!
3. The City Centre
Here we went exploring through various side streets, and did some window shopping around the centre of the city. We also passed by the Barcelona Cathedral, and parts of the Gothic Quarter. A short time later on we then went a bit further out from the busy streets and took some time to check out some cool street art (graffiti).
4. The Beach
 Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 4.13.55 PM
In the late afternoon/evening we spent some time along the [Mediterranean] sea shore. We were so lucky because the weather was so perfect outside, and it wasn’t very busy either. And after walking around for over 8 hours, it felt so great getting to finally relax on the beach, and it was a really chill way to end our exciting day. After the beach we then went out to a nice restaurant, and then headed to our hotel in the early morning hours of the night…. and then we had our flight back at 7 am !!

So yeah, it really was an incredible adventure, and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. This Thursday I’m off on another excursion, so stay tuned for the next post to find out where! 😉 Thanks so much to everyone for reading.
Hope you have an awesome day !
xx Jackie ❤

2 comments on “Top Things to See in Barcelona in One Day!

  1. BettyTaylor

    I’m astonished, Jackie, at all you have been able to see and do! I’m sure you will not regret this year ever. Now that the time is nearing for your return home, it sounds as if you are packing as much as you can into these last days.
    Love, Grandma


    • Yes this whole year has really been an amazing and life changing experience! 🙂 Although it will also be very exciting to be back in Canada in June !


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