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My Spontaneous Day Trip to Belgium :D

When I found out I had the day off from work, I figured I might as well do something productive… like go to visit another country! 😛

In deciding where I wanted to go, I found several deals of which to choose from.. some of my possible choices of destinations included Paris, Amsterdam, or Brussels. In the end I decided to go with Brussels because I didn’t think it would be very realistic to travel all the way from Germany to Paris or Amsterdam (while also having to return back on the same day), let alone have enough time to see the whole city in such a short amount of time ! And man am I pleased with how the day turned out to be 😀

Cool Street Art!

I was so happy because the weather turned out to be really warm & sunny, and in the early afternoon I went on a free walking city tour, where I met some pretty cool people (a few of which were also fellow Canadians!) 🙂 During the tour, our guide spent 3 hours showing us around the best parts of the city centre, while giving us historical info, along with quite a few interesting and fascinating urban legends /stories! 🙂



Brussels City Hall

Some of the things Belgium is famous for are it’s Fries, Waffles, and Chocolate.. So of course I had to get a taste of these authentic Belgian specialities… and I definitely was not disappointed ! Unfortunately though before I knew it, it was already evening and time to travel back to Cologne… But I am still so glad that I got the chance to come to Belgium, even though it was only for a day. 🙂 And on the plus side.. I still have a lot to look forward to because tomorrow evening two friends and I are flying out to Barcelona, Spain!!! So definitely stay tuned for more blog posts very soon 😉



Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Jackie

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