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Discovering a “Canadian Store” in Switzerland!

Last week I met up with two Au Pairs for an evening in Basel, Switzerland (with one of whom is also Canadian!) After spending some time talking about our experiences so far, and other topics such as travel, our host families, the different customs of Europe, etc.. we all went for a walk through the city and came across a “Canadian Shop.” This was also on a Sunday, so of course it was closed. 😦 In fact according the the store’s posted hours, it is only open for 2 hours on Thursdays/Fridays, and open for only 1.5 hours on Saturdays…. so the chances of us ever getting a chance to step inside this shop were pretty much slim to none. It was pretty unfortunate because it’s not everyday you come across a store like this while being in the middle of Europe. 😛


…After looking inside through the shop’s window for literally three minutes, the owners all of a sudden walked into the store! We got really excited, and then after getting the attention of the shop owner, he invited us to have a look inside! Now this may not seem very exciting to most people, but for me it definitely was. After being away from all things Canadian for over half a year, it felt so awesome getting to be inside a place that was surrounded with countless symbols and reminders of home.



After spending a few minutes admiring all of the merchandise, we got invited to have some tea in “The Canadian Club” …. which is a private lounge upstairs that totally looks like a ski lodge 🙂 Even our drink glasses had little Maple leafs on them !



So yeah. That was probably one of the most random and unexpected things I’ve had happen in quite a while…. so this encounter was definitely something that I considered to be blog-worthy ! Anyways thanks so much to everyone for reading. 🙂

Have a great day!

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