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8 Cities in 7 Days!

Hello everyone! Today I am writing this post while taking the ICE (Inter City Express) Train from Köln, back to Switzerland! To describe this week as eventful would be an extreme understatement… 😀 here’s a little overview of how this past week has been!

Sunday, March 16th: Munich

This was a last minute decision that a friend and I made after we discovered a really great deal where we could travel by bus from Zürich to Munich for only 30 Euros… Round trip! I always find spontaneous plans to be very exciting, and this day definitely was… We got to see the world’s largest glockenspiel, celebrate St Patricks day (where we got free green hats & Guinness beer!), among exploring various other areas of the city. 🙂

Munich, Germany

Monday/Tuesday March 17/18: Zürich

These days during my free time from work I went hiking in the Albis, up again to Üetliberg, and also enjoyed the beautiful weather while walking along lake Zürich and through the old city (Altstadt). 🙂

View from Üetliberg!

Wednesday March 19: Basel & Köln

For the first half of the day my host family and I travelled to Basel, where I had the opportunity to visit the city for a few hours. 🙂 The last time I was in Basel the weather was quite cold, but this time the sun was shining brightly and it was so warm outside!! It was great getting to back and see some of the same places I had seen from last time, and also explore some new parts of Basel! Later on that evening we took another train to Köln where we arrived home just before midnight.

Basel, Switzerland
Köln, Germany

Thursday March 20: Brühl

The weather was absolutely perfect on this day… Where I got to meet one of my really good friends named Leonie in Brühl, and we went to see two incredible palaces from the 18th century! It was so amazing on the inside, and I personally enjoyed it more than when I went the Palace of Versailles in France! After visiting the palaces we went for ice cream in the city centre, and also went to a few shops, and also looked inside a very beautiful church. 🙂 In the afternoon I had to work for a few hours, but in the evening I met up with my friend Agnese on Friesenplatz, where we later went out for a few drinks and shisha. 🙂

Brühl Schloss
Brühl, Germany

Friday, March 21: Neuss

Raphael and I spent the morning at the spielplatz (playground), and then in the afternoon when Sara came home I had a few hours for myself at home (where I ended up dying my hair :p) before I headed out of Köln to visit my friend Aranza in Neuss, where we began to plan our trip to Gothenburg Sweden, and Hamburg (where we are going next month)! Later that night we travelled back to Köln to meet our friend Jan out on Rudolfplatz for a couple hours.

Neuss, Germany

Saturday, March 22: Koblenz & Trier

Me and a friend from my language course named Kaja bought a 2 person train ticket (valid for any regional train in Germany for the day), and we travelled to Koblenz, and later on we arrived in Trier (Germany’s oldest city!) It was a very long day, but we got to see so many amazing things, so it was of course worth it!! Although for a short amount of time it was raining quite heavily, luckily the weather eventually cleared up and it turned out to be quite nice outside! 🙂

Koblenz, Germany
Koblenz, Germany
Trier Dom Garden
Trier, Germany

Sunday, March 23: Köln & Basel & Zürich

This morning I met a friend named Mariana (who I actually met through this blog :p) for a coffee in Köln near by the Dom, before taking the train to Basel (which will arrive in the late afternoon!) where I will meet another friend named Alana who I also met through this blog !! 🙂 So this definitely will be an eventful day I’m sure! And then just before 11pm tonight I will catch my train home to Zürich… where we will spend a few days there before coming back to Köln again in exactly one week! 😛

Thanks everyone so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great day!
XO, Jackie ❤
**more photos can be viewed HERE. 🙂

3 comments on “8 Cities in 7 Days!

  1. Hello! I really love your blog! Reading it gives me inspiration on wanting to be an au pair. If you wouldn’t mind, can we talk and I could ask you many questions about being an au pair? It’s easy to type it in Google but I’d love a personal account. If you’d like to, my email is and my name is Shelbi!


    • Thanks for your comment Shelbi! Sorry I literally haven’t used this site in quite a while so I just noticed this! I can for sure answer any questions you have if you’d like. 🙂 You can feel free to either comment here or send me a message on Facebook! its


  2. Hello! I really love your blog and it gives me a lot of inspiration to become an au pair. I was wondering if we could talk and you could answer my many questions about being an au pair. I’d love to do it but my questions are too detailed for a simple google search. If you’d like to email me at My name is Shelbi.


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