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Checking items off my Europe Bucket List!

Exactly four months ago today I was boarding a plane to Germany, not having the slightest idea of what was to come… and fast forward to now! So far I’ve been to 5 countries, 13 cities, and still have plenty more that I would love to do and see while being here! Before I left, I came up with a Europe “Bucket List”, and I thought i’d share it on this post:

  • Keep up with travel blog [x]
  • Learn how to use the European Train system [x]
  • Try Kölsch Beer [x]
  • Watch a German soccer game [  ]
  • Learn German [still in progress….]
  • Make friends with European locals [x]
  • Explore Hamburg, where my Opa was born [x]
  • Get lost somewhere [x] ….definitely had this happen many times already haha.
  • Watch a sunset [x]
  • Go bar hopping [x]
  • Stay out all night [x]
  • Go skiing in the Alps [planning to do so in a couple weeks!!]
  • See a concert [x] …IMAGINE DRAGONS ❤
  • Go to a play [x] …Saw “Alice im Wunderland” (the German version)
  • Take a picture with a telephone booth in London [x]
  • Try German Currywurst [x] ….So delicious!!!
  • View a city from the top of a building [x] ….Did this in Frankfurt!
  • Go to an amusement park [x] ….Liseberg in Sweden was so incredible!
  • Visit a castle [  ]
  • Go on a boat ride along the Rhein River [  ]
  • AMSTERDAM [  ]
  • Go on a road trip with a group of friends [x] ….Strasbourg for New Years 😀
  • Go to Paris [  ]
  • Go on a cruise [x] … From Kiel to Gothenburg 🙂
  • Drive reallllly fast on the German Autobahn (Highway) [x] …we were going almost 170km/hr, so thrilling!
  • Sing Karaoke [x]

Sooo I actually already was able to check quite a few off! So I’m thinking about adding a few things to this list, because I still have 4 months left 😀 Anyways thanks for reading! Hope everyone is doing well ❤


1 comment on “Checking items off my Europe Bucket List!

  1. • Go to Paris [ ]
    Wait until August and I’ll be there for you 🙂


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