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Climbing the Kölner Dom & Exploring the City

Hello Everyone,

Today, a couple of my friends & I spent the day adventuring in the city. It was awesome- we climbed the stairs of the famous Kölner Dom cathedral, walked along the Rhein, and we ended our night at this really cool carnival (or “Fun Fest” as they call it here!). And the whole day only cost each of us 1.50 Euros !! 🙂 I love days where spending a lot of money isn’t necessary!







Also yesterday, I went with a couple other Au Pairs on an “Urban Art Tour” in Ehrenfeld. It was very cool to hear about the artists and also the stories behind their work, which was actually so impressive! I never really used to take notice of graffiti art, but this tour changed that… & I have a newfound respect for it… It really is amazing what these artists are able to create using only spray paint cans 😛

Photo album link here

❤ Jackie

2 comments on “Climbing the Kölner Dom & Exploring the City

  1. Wow! I totally have to do that 😀 I will be an au pair in Köln starting in January and your blog has been really helpful/motivational 😀


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