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Weekend Excursion to London, UK

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share a post about my weekend excursion to London, England!


Our train left Köln last Thursday just after 7am, so we arrived in the early afternoon, where we then took the tube to our flat. It was great because at the apartment, I met a girl named Johanna who is really close in age to me, and she invited me out with a few of her friends to see a movie and go for drinks that evening. It was really fun, and was definitely a great way to start the weekend. She was also from Germany, which I thought was pretty cool! I also got to explore various parts of the city, of course making sure to visit a few popular tourist spots… 😛

London, England
London, England

I think my favourite day would have to be Saturday though. Exploring the British Museum, walking across the famous Tower Bridge at night, having dinner at this nice Italian restaurant, visited a few different English pubs, among several other things that evening- which was definitely a memorable experience. 🙂

It was kind of weird to see cars driving on the opposite sides of the road though, and I found it quite entertaining comparing English sayings, and pronunciations. Example….. their name for Soccer is Football……. haha so funny. 😛

I also wanted to add that I was quite impressed with myself being able to familiarize myself with London’s Tube system… which can definitely be overwhelming at first, because the map is actually really complicated haha. Overall I really found this weekend to be a success. It was so great getting to make new friends, and also getting to see a familiar face from Canada there 😛

Jackie ❤

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