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Dazed and Amazed

Köln, Germany

Today was AMAZING. It started with watching my host mom’s, [Sara] orchestra’s dress rehearsal at a really beautiful concert venue (where I also got to explore backstage, which had free food and drinks!), went for a nice walk along a bridge over the Rhine river, and finally got to see the inside of Köln’s famous Dom Cathedral! This city is filled with so much beauty, and I still can’t believe that for the next few months, I get to call this place my “home”… (of course my true home will always be back in Canada :P)


Anyways, right now I am feeling very blessed and lucky to be where I am. ❤ I’ve also made a few new friends here, which has been really great. Just yesterday me and a few other Au Pairs went to this really girly bar (that was entirely pink & white, with chandeliers!) and we shared watermelon-flavoured hookah, and also had a few cocktail drinks. It was definitely a great night 🙂

Thank you for reading.


1 comment on “Dazed and Amazed

  1. sounds great, cool that you enjoy cologne (-: canada is beautiful too, only been in vancouver so far but loved it and it is one of my favourite cities!


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