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Au Pair Life in Germany

Hello Everyone,

It has now been 10 days since I arrived in Germany, and so far it’s been going just great! It feels so amazing to be living in an entirely different culture in such a beautiful place… and I feel so lucky to be where I am right now. 🙂 Life as an AuPair may not be the easiest thing ever, but it’s definitely worth it! Just yesterday I got to see my very first orchestra (my host mom is a violinist, and we got to come along to her concert)- and the venue was absolutely incredible!! It was this really old castle in a rural area just outside of Köln, and it was so beautiful…

I’m also pretty stoked because later on today I’m meeting up with a bunch of other Au Pairs in Köln! It’ll be fun to be able to hang out with friends around my age for once haha (of course I still love hanging out w/ Raphael, it’ll just be nice to have a little break :P)


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